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Woman Tries to Rob Arby’s Restaurant With a Knife, She Meets a Citizen Armed With a Gun (UT)
OpSD --"When police arrived, they took both the male and female into custody. But they, 'immediately determined that the male subject had detained the female suspect.' Police later learned that man had entered the store and interrupted the robbery." ...

Newslinks for Tuesday, January 27
Comments and Commentary
Informed choices problematic for 2015 NRA Director election
Remington Gives TTAG’s Nick Leghorn The Bum’s Rush
Letter to the Editor, Columbus Dispatch
As ‘American Sniper’ soars, will critics zero on ‘gun culture?’
Musings on the University of Tennessee gun debate
Why Firearms Makers Are So Worried Even as The Second Amendment Is Stronger than Ever
Dobyns' Docket
Will the next attorney general stand for the rule of law?
“DOJ Watergate… Or Worse” Criminal Conspiracy Allegations Strike Highest Levels of Obama Justice Department
Jay Dobyns: A Synopsis
Unsealed Dobyns files look bad for DOJ
Industry News
Kel-Tec’s Patented 33-Round .22LR Magazine
National Firearms Museum Displays the Importance of the Second Amendment Through the Years
Test Driving Korth’s PRS and Sky Marshal at SHOT Show 2015 (video available)
Armed Self-Defense *Works*
UT: Woman Tries to Rob Arby’s Restaurant With a Knife, She Meets a Citizen Armed With a Gun
Grass Roots Activism in Action
MN: Gun Owners Planning Big Rally at the Capitol [Monday]
MN: Gun rights supporters optimistic
MN: Minnesota gun owners lobby for rights
TX: Bananas not guns at Texas Capitol rally
TX: Gun rights activists take to the streets of downtown (video available)
TX: Open Carry Activists Rally at Capitol
Body Armor News and Views
Body Armor Bill Exposes Anti-Gunners’ Agenda
Federal Bill Would Make Owning Body Armor a Crime Punishable by 10 Years in Prison
Richard Davis, Inventor of Soft Body Armor, at the SHOT Show
Politicians and Legislation
FL: Steube's Guns in Schools Legislation Moves Forward as 2015 Session Approaches
NJ: Mission of New Jersey's unique 'smart gun' statute remains unfulfilled
TX: Campus carry bills filed in Legislature
TX: Texas lawmakers reload campus carry bills
VA: Senate panel votes down all 20 gun control bills
The "Authorities"
NY: Charge: Police “Steal” $100,000-worth of Legal Guns and Ammo From Citizen
PA: Montgomery County Sheriff Russell Bono announces bid for election
Whatever Happened to Equal Protection Under the Law?
D.C. man on trial for one shotgun shell - wasn’t given David Gregory deal
Documents: Cops wanted to hit 'Meet the Press' then-host David Gregory with gun charge
From the States
CA: 2nd Amendment Attorney Speaking at GS2AC Meeting on Thursday, January 29th
KS: Gun show a treat for enthusiasts
NY: SAFE Act is nothing new, useful
VT: Registry blocks freedoms

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Newslinks for Monday, January 26
Dobyns' Docket
Judge alleges ‘fraud on the court’ by government attorneys in Dobyns case
Federal Judge Accuses DOJ Attorneys of Defrauding The Court, Threatening Witness in Case of ATF Whistleblower Jay Dobyns
Government Attorneys Guilty Of Fraud In Dobyns Case
Firearms, Freedom and General Interest
Violence Policy Center accuses gun industry of secret advertising, or something
This Is What It Looks Like When an Anti-Gunner Tries to Be “Balanced”
Girls Just Wanna Have Guns
Taken 3 News: Liam Neeson Blasted by Movie Gun Makers For Anti-Gun Comments
How Broad is the Constitution’s Guarantee on Firearms Ownership?
Army Delays Effort to Replace M9 9mm Pistol
From the Enemy Camp
Guns in our ecomony[sic]
National Moms group protests Harris Teeter's gun policy
Gun safety over NRA propaganda
FL: Lift on gun ban absurd, dangerous for students
OR: Oregon focus of effort to expand background checks for guns
Latest and Greatest from S.H.O.T.
SHOT Show: Custom AR Hand Guards from Unique-ARs
Vortex Introduces 1-6×24 Strike Eagle for $400ish
Rock Solid Industries: Left Handed Mosin Nagant Bolt, Improved Stripper Clip
Hands-On with the Heizer Defense Pocket AR
Introducing the .416 Hushpuppy
Jesse James Releases New 30 Caliber Silencer, With some Bold Claims
New From Kel-Tec: Gen2 Sub-2000 and CMR-30 (videos available)
New From LUCID: P7 4x Weapons Optic (plus L5 6-24×50 initial impressions) (video available)
New From PWS: Enhanced Duty Slide for GLOCK (video available)
Politicians and Legislation
Scott Walker fires up Iowa crowd: Union goons threatened ‘to gut my wife like a deer’
Predictions coming true: More ‘UBC’ action on horizon
FL: Concealed carry bill may bring guns to campus
FL: Lawmakers debate whether more guns make college campuses safer
NY: Jackson gun shop closes amid regulation trouble
SC: Lawmakers call for action to combat domestic violence
From the States
TSA finds record number of firearms in carry-on bags
OR: ‘Buy Back’ Gun Turn In Backfires
Oath Honoring LEOs vs. Their Disreputable Colleagues
NY: Sheriff urges New Yorkers: 'Throw gun renewals in garbage'
ATF: We Changed Our Minds On the Brace Because People Kept Sending Letters
NJ: Bayonne cop beat man with flashlight and lied on reports, feds say
NY: NYPD probes two undercover officer for allegedly assaulting former Marine sergeant
NY: Shouting match leads to gun confiscation, forfeiture
TX: Texas Police Arrest Cop Watchers, One for Being Armed, Even Though No Laws Were Broken
News and Views From Abroad
A Plea For Self-Defense In Great Britain

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Attempted Robber Killed By His Armed “Victim” In Dallas (TX)
OpSD --Dallas police say an armed robbery suspect was killed when his intended victim pulled his own gun and shot the suspect early Thursday. Authorities say Victor D. Logan, 19, was attempting to rob another man at gunpoint about 1 a.m. in the 7200 block of Chesterfield Drive, near Southwest Center Mall. That man, identified as 38-year-old Larico Jackson, pulled a handgun and shot Logan in self-defense, police said.

Man shot in forearm in East Bremerton (WA)
OpSD --A man who was shot by his girlfriend at her home Friday morning was arrested on suspicion of second-degree assault. Kitsap County Sheriff deputies were dispatched to 7500 block of Falcon Place, of Fairgrounds Road, at 5 a.m. and found the 33-year-old Steilacoom man had been shot in the left forearm. He said it was accidental. The 28-year-old woman claimed he was attacking her and she fired in self-defense.

Woman Fires Gun, Sends Throat-Slashing Psycho Running for His Life (WI)
OpSD --“I’ll kill my targets tonight.” Alleged throat-slitting psycho Ronald Kaehne was charged with two counts of attempted first degree homicide after the slasher murders he’s planned in his journal didn’t go quite the way he’d hoped, and he was forced to flee or his life before he could kill his intended victims.

Newslinks for Saturday, January 24
Firearms, Freedom and General Interest
Alone and Defenseless: A UK Citizen's call for arms
AR-15 Podcast 109 – Appleseed Interview With Tim Frey
Gumbel hatred for ‘pig’ gun owners not uncommon for establishment sports media
If You Live in an Anti-Gun State or Just Can’t Get to Your Firearm in Time, Here Are Five Unconventional Self-Defense Tactics to Use
Obama continues to cozy up to U.N. gun ban treaty
Women Continue To Line Up For Concealed Carry Permits
Armed Self-Defense *Works*
TX: Attempted Robber Killed By His Armed “Victim” In Dallas
WA: Man shot in forearm in East Bremerton
WI: Woman Fires Gun, Sends Throat-Slashing Psycho Running for His Life
Self-Defense News and Views
MI: Fatal shooting of Ravenna man pushing into home justified, Muskegon County prosecutor rules
Court Cases and News
NM: N.M. court upholds ban on switchblades, suggests broader knife bans might be constitutional, too
News and Views from the Antis
KS: Kansas Senate Doesn’t Want People With Concealed Firearms To Have To Get Safety Training
KS: Missouri and Kansas legislatures talk freedom and engage in follies
Grass Roots Activism in Action
Virginia Lobby Day highlighted effective gun rights activism
Politicians and Legislation
CT: NRA Takes Aim at Connecticut Judicial Nominee
FL: Tampa Bay Times: Campus Carry for Self-Defense ‘Imprudent’
IA: Stand-your-ground bills under consideration
PA: Penn. Lawmaker Wants to Ban Human Silhouette Targets
TX: Gun rights: How far do they go? What restrictions are reasonable?
TX: Open carry bill introduced in Texas House of Representatives
From the States
DC: Arrest Records Show Why This NBC News Star Wasn’t Locked Up for Breaking the Law on TV
TN: Experts fire off on gun control issues
TX: DIVA ladies learn to shoot

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The gun gives boldness, enterprise, and independence to the mind. Let your gun, therefore, be the constant companion of your walks. Thomas Jefferson

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