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Newslinks for 7/10/2008

Vanderboegh: Interposition
Submitted by: Concerned American

There are 7 comments on this story
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... "The results of presidential election made a constitutional crisis inevitable, although whether it would have happened as early as it did without the confluence of events ... is still the subject of historical debate. Even prior to both events, many felt that it wasn't so much that the country was divided, as it was two entirely different countries within one border."

"Oh, Americans shared the same language and the same cultural heritage and history. ... But by the Battle of Sipsey Street, language and proximity was about all they shared. Each side viewed reality from a fundamentally different perspective." ...

"Arguments over philosophy rarely end in bloodshed."

"Arguments over power often do." ...

BOOK REVIEW: Four Hundred Years of Gun Control...Why Isn't It Working?
Submitted by: Bruce W. Krafft

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"The book, 'Four Hundred Years of Gun Control…Why Isn't It Working?', is the first publication from a new Libertarian and pro-gun publishing company called Contrast Media Press. The publishing company is owned and operated by journalist and long time supporter of the Buckeye Firearms Association, John Longenecker."

"'Four Hundred Years of Gun Control…Why Isn’t It Working?' was written by Howard Nemerov, a healthcare researcher who is also a long-time friend of Buckeye Firearms Association. Nemerov used to favor total civilian disarmament, and set out to prove that gun control would make society safer. However, the results of his research had the complete opposite effect." ...

Journal Editors Take Aim at Supreme Court for Gun-Control Ruling
Submitted by: Bruce W. Krafft

There are 9 comments on this story
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"The landmark Supreme Court decision that struck down the District of Columbia's ban on handguns 'has launched the country on a risky epidemiologic experiment,' according to the editors of the New England Journal of Medicine."

"The editors, who have long been on record as supporters of gun control laws, published the editorial online today ahead of the journal's July 31 print edition."

"'If there is a widespread loosening of gun regulations, we learn over the next few years -- in a before-and-after experiment -- whether the laws we had in place had a significant impact in mitigating death and injury from handguns,' wrote Jeffrey M. Drazen, M.D., editor-in-chief of the journal, and colleagues." ...

Shooting for right balance on guns
Submitted by: RPA-PAC

There are 8 comments on this story
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"On June 26 ... the U.S. Supreme Court decided that the Second Amendment to the Constitution protects an individual's right to own a gun for self-defense."

"The actual language and historical context of the Second Amendment provides for individual gun ownership for the purpose of arming and maintaining state militia, thereby ensuring that the people would not be oppressed and without recourse against a tyrannical regime (particularly a federal government that might disarm state governments, threatening state sovereignty). Although the need for well-maintained state militias is obsolete, I'm not really certain the need for individuals to protect themselves or fight against a well-armed government is." ...

KABA Note: Fortunately Jen, your ignorance of world and American history does not impact my G-d-given, inalienable, civil, individual and human right of self-defense.

Here's to the red, white and gun-metal blue
Submitted by: Bruce W. Krafft

There is 1 comment on this story
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"Last month, the Supreme Court struck down Washington, D.C.,’s ban on hand guns, reminding the city that the right to bear arms is an individual right."

"The surprise was not that five Justices reaffirmed our Constitution. The surprise was that apparently four of our sitting Justices still do not know owning a gun is a personal right or why."

"Did their history teachers not teach that one tactic King George III used to suppress the colonies was by disarming them? Perhaps they forgot the famous Paul Revere ride (“The British are coming!”) was to protect Lexington and Concord’s stockpile of weapons from confiscation." ...

Roll Over, Bark, and Beg
Submitted by: Anonymous

There are 16 comments on this story
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"Oh god. There is no hope."

"The other day I glanced at the web site of the Lake Chapala Society, a social club of sorts for expats around Mexico's Lake Chapala, an hour south of Guadalajara (where I live). Clicking on 'Safety,' I found a long list of reasons why you should never, ever use a firearm to protect your home and family. No. See, you might miss, or be scared, or the intruders might take it away and shoot you, and they might be all mad and hurt you when all they wanted was your television. No, the best thing is to let them do what they want, and then maybe they won’t do anything bad to you."

"This supposedly was written by a retired cop but, if so, he ... doesn't sound like any cop I have known ..." ...

FL: Gun sales increase as crime rates go up
Submitted by: Anonymous

There are 3 comments on this story
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"Gun shop owners in Lee County say sales are up and they attribute the increase to home invasions."

"Officials with the Lee County Sheriff's Office say at least 15 home invasions have been reported this year. In Cape Coral, police say they have investigated five and have solved most of them."

"At Tactical Weapons in Fort Myers, salesman Andrew Bulman says the store sells 10 guns a week to first-time buyers."

"'I do think people do react to the circumstances around them at the time,' Bulman said. 'A lot of people are coming in to look for something to protect themselves, their property. It gives them a peace of mind to resort to.'" ...

PA: Defenseless victims are a real crime
Submitted by: Bruce W. Krafft

There are 4 comments on this story
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"I am writing regarding Dave Smith's column about the Supreme Court decision upholding our Second Amendment rights. The only reasonably truthful statement in the entire article is the title. The rest of his article is panicked hogwash from a paranoid and uneducated mind. His article also shows how very ignorant he is about his own American heritage. Apparently, he is also ignorant of just how many Lebanon citizens are 'packing' legally."

"It's exceedingly rare that an armed, law-abiding citizen will commit a crime. Our Bill of Rights has always been about individual rights. Our own Pennsylvania Constitution is even clearer about individual bearing of arms ..." ...

Wishful thinking: Congressional Quarterly blogger says guns now a 'non-issue' in campaigns
Submitted by: Bruce W. Krafft

There are 36 comments on this story
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"The landmark Supreme Court ruling in D.C. v. Heller delivered a knockout blow to 'collective' rights theorists in the anti-gun community. It put into jeopardy blanket handgun bans in Chicago, San Francisco, and other municipalities, and is without a doubt a victory for gun owners."

"And as if on cue, anti-gun editorialists and the mainstream media are rushing to declare the electoral combat over guns to be over."

"At Congressional Quarterly’s 'Political Insider' blog, Taegan Goddard declared the fight over, under the heading 'Supreme Court Makes Guns a Non-Issue':" ...

PA: Gun stolen? Report it
Submitted by: Bruce W. Krafft

There are 5 comments on this story
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"Reporting a lost or stolen gun to police seems pretty logical to Mayor Michael Nutter. Not doing it in Philadelphia now comes with a cost — $1,900."

"Nutter and other city officials yesterday announced that the lost-or-stolen reporting requirement passed by City Council in April and upheld in court early last month will go into full effect Aug. 8."

"Nutter suggested residents take the next month to take inventory of their firearms in preparation of the new law and report any missing guns to police."

"'If you lose your piece, call police,' he said at a press conference. 'We are serious about aggressively enforcing public safety laws.'" ...

TN: Naifeh Fudges On Gun Permit Claim In Wake Of Controversy
Submitted by: Bruce W. Krafft

There are 2 comments on this story
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"The Tennessee Republican Party has unearthed a potentially damaging bombshell regarding House Speaker Jimmy Naifeh."

"The party accuses Jimmy Naifeh of lying in a press release describing himself as a concealed carry permit holder nine days after catching heat from the gun rights community for engaging in some inspired parliamentary maneuvering in order to to scuttle a piece of legislation which would have concealed the identities of concealed permit holders."

"The Tennessee Firearms Association asserts that Naifeh’s 'boast' on April 11 that he had become a permitholder was a lie. Naifeh ... did not officially apply for the permit until April 21 and thus could not legally have received his permit until at least a month later." ...

IL: Details of Chicago Alderman Loophole ordinance
Submitted by: Bruce W. Krafft

There is 1 comment on this story
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"I've been following this situation for quite a while now (most recently here)--probably well beyond the point that it ceased to be interesting--but as a wise man once said, 'anything worth doing is worth doing until everyone is absolutely sick of it.' OK--maybe no wise man ever said that, but I'm not one to limit myself to listening to wise people."

"Anyway, as I mentioned in the above-linked blog post, the ordinance passed on June 11th, but I hadn't been able to find details of the final version as passed--until now. Here are the details:" ...

GA: GCO Files Motion for Preliminary Injunction in Airport Case
Submitted by: Mark McCullough

There are no comments on this story
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GeorgiaCarry.Org has filed a motion for a preliminary in junction against Hartsfield-Jackson Airport and the City of Atlanta, requesting that the defendants be enjoined from arresting people for lawfully carrying firearms in the Airport during the pendency of the case against them. The brief supporting the motion and other documents may be viewed here.

NY: Killer's robber bro shot dead
Submitted by: RPA-PAC

There are 4 comments on this story
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A Staten Island ex-con whose thug brother blew away an aspiring actress in cold blood was killed yesterday by a man he was trying to rob, sources said.

Bloods member Grant Fleming, 21, was shot in the chest three times after he sneaked up behind a man walking into his Jersey Street apartment with a bag of groceries.

The targeted victim grabbed Fleming's gun and opened fire.

Grant is the brother of Rudy Fleming, who is serving life without parole for the Jan. 27, 2005, slaying of Nicole DuFresne, who had asked him after a Lower East Side robbery: "You got what you wanted. What are you going to do now, shoot us?"

MS: Melton, bodyguards indicted on civil rights violations
Submitted by: Bruce W. Krafft

There are no comments on this story
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"Jackson Mayor Frank Melton reacted to his federal indictment Wednesday evening by saying he would not let it hinder the work he's doing for the city."

"Melton and his two police bodyguards were indicted on charges related to damage caused to an alleged drug house on Ridgeway Street on Aug. 26, 2006." ...

"The charges allege that Melton and bodyguards Marcus Wright and Michael Recio conspired to violate the civil rights of Jennifer Sutton, who owned the home, and Evans Welch, who lived there..."

"The men also are charged with using a firearm during the commission of a violent crime. ..." [emphasis added] ...

OH: Willowick Update - Chief Sends Letter to AG
Submitted by: Bruce W. Krafft

There are 3 comments on this story
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"The Chief of Police in Willowick has followed through with his promise to help us effect change at the statewide level by writing a letter to Ohio Attorney General Nancy Rogers."

"His letter echoes the concern of our own, that there are misconceptions among many in law enforcement regarding the legality of open carry. We hope AG Rogers will help resolve the problem and ensure all law enforcement agencies in Ohio are aware of the fact that open carry by law-abiding citizens not otherwise restricted by law is perfectly legal."

"OFCC thanks Chief Lazor for his continued support."

"Click here to read the Chief's letter[.pdf]" ...

FL: Fort Lauderdale police chief's wife shoots at him -- misses
Submitted by: Anonymous

There are 5 comments on this story
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"Eleanor Adderley, wife of the Fort Lauderdale police chief, told cops that she was only trying to 'scare' her husband when she fired in his direction at least three times at their Plantation home ..." ...

"Her husband, Frank Adderley, was not injured in the shooting." ...

"Frank Adderley was laying in bed some time after 10 p.m. when his wife aimed a Beretta 9mm in his direction and squeezed off a shot ..." ...

"He then fled the house through the rear porch, when she fired -- and missed -- again. At least one more round was shot outside the home. ..."

"Police arrived about 10:30 p.m. ..." ...

KABA Note: Shots fired at the Chief's house and it took them almost a half-hour to arrive?!?

LA: NOPD officer punished for wearing the wrong uniform
Submitted by: Hal Rand

There are 5 comments on this story
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"With minutes left in the last shift of his 35-year New Orleans police career, Sgt. Bobby Guidry received a call from a supervisor telling him he had been suspended for wearing the wrong uniform shirt, the veteran officer said." ...

"Instead of the standard-issue all-black uniform, Guidry, a veteran officer in the city's Uptown 2nd District, chose the powder-blue uniform shirt that he wore to work for more than three decades."

"He viewed it as a simple statement, not an affront to rules or department leadership."

"'Eighteen people died in the line of duty in that powder-blue shirt while I was with the department,' Guidry said. 'I went to each of those funerals. I wore that shirt on a Saturday, on my last day, out of respect for them.'" ...

UT: Police chief quits as firearms instructor (follow-up)
Submitted by: Anonymous

There are 2 comments on this story
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"Riverdale Police Chief Dave Hansen, who accidentally shot himself while teaching a concealed weapon-permit course in May, has resigned as a firearms instructor."

"Hansen 'voluntarily surrendered' his teaching credentials before the Bureau of Criminal Identification weapons review board took up the issue of his competency as an instructor this week, Rep. Curtis Oda, R-Clearfield, said Tuesday."

"Oda asked the agency for an investigation into Hansen's ability as a firearms instructor after the veteran police officer shot himself in the ankle May 3 while teaching a concealed weapon-permit course inside a classroom." ...

Mexico: Civilian Victims in Mexico's Drug War
Submitted by: none

There are 3 comments on this story
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"This past March, Brenda Maldonado was locking up her store in this ramshackle mountain community when machine gun fire rattled out from a nearby military checkpoint, forcing her to dive for cover. When the smoke finally cleared, the 40-year-old ventured out to view the carnage; the bodies of four young men lay lifeless in a white Hummer while the corpses of two soldiers were scattered across the road. But when troops searched the civilian victims, they found they were unarmed. The soldiers had apparently panicked at the speeding Hummer and attacked it from two sides, killing both the civilians and their own troops in the cross fire."

"'These soldiers are idiots. What protection do they give us?' Maldonado asked ..." ...

UK: Pistol ban is relaxed for 2012 Olympics
Submitted by: RPA-PAC

There are 3 comments on this story
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The British government relaxed gun laws Tuesday to allow shooting teams to prepare for the 2012 London Olympics.

Britain banned handguns in 1997 after the massacre of 16 children and a teacher at a primary school in Dunblane, Scotland. The law includes a ban on guns for licensed sports, preventing domestic pistol events.

But Home Secretary Jacqui Smith has invoked special exemptions in England and Wales. A similar exemption allowed pistols for the 2002 Commonwealth Games in Manchester.

Sports Minister Gerry Sutcliffe said the government would make sure that competitors and officials can "possess their special competition pistols for the duration of the games and for any special warm-up events."

UK: Pensioner arrested for chasing away youths with piece of wood
Submitted by: Mitch

There are 15 comments on this story
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"A pensioner who used a piece of wood to chase away a gang of teenagers who had been throwing stones at his home is facing a jail term after being arrested and charged with possessing an offensive weapon." ...

"... 'This is Britain gone mad. Just what in the world is this country coming to when the police arrest people like me for protecting their own property?'"

"'The police say they want to reduce crime, yet they let evil little toe-rags like this off. Then they prosecute hard-working, upstanding residents like me.'" ...

"You seem ... to consider the judges as the ultimate arbiters of all contitutional questions; a very dangerous doctrine indeed, and one which would place us under the despotism of an oligarchy... The Contitution has erected no such single tribunal." --Thomas Jefferson, 1820

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